First Post

Hi all,

After my recent induction into the world of "married women", I got a sudden, and I think quite natural, urge to hunker down and be all domestic. Not that this is the first time I've had urges to whip up a batch of something or create something womany from scratch - I've been known to bake like a fiend, attempt sewing projects, and at least once in college I attempted a dinner party - but this was the first time I had a sort of excuse to take this on as a regular thing. Now before all my I-am-woman-hear-me-roar friends freak out at my insinuation that the female role is to sew, cook and entertain or that marriage ushers in a new domestic responsibility, I'll just put my disclaimer up now. I still come home and immediately put sweatpants on, Ken and I both do chores, and I still cringe at the thought of having to clean the apartment when we're going to have "company". I just happen to have a desire to create in my new kitchen and, as I am always looking for new recipes to try, I thought maybe some other people might like to join the exploration. I have no secret culinary brilliance, my husband and I have no expert palate, and I don't have high-tech equipment in my home. What I do have is a desire to try new things and a husband that is willing to put whatever I make in his mouth at least once. So as we try new things in our home, I'll post the recipes, a picture of the final product, and Ken's rating out of 5 stars. Test them out and let me know how you like it!

From our kitchen to yours,


All photos taken by my hungry, amateur photographer husband, Ken. :) I cook it, he captures the moment.