Cakes! and a Penguin

You probably already know I like to decorate cakes...I thought I'd share some of my most recent ones. These are some of the cakes I've made for some of my family, my coworkers and the men who live at the Inn Towne Hotel.

Yes there is a story behind this one. Ken's alma mater, Texas A&M, has a tradition which involves building an ENORMOUS (and I mean enormous!!!) bon fire piling tree (yes, tree) upon tree until there are three huge tiers of trees. They then place a University of Texas/Longhorn painted outhouse at the top and proceed to burn it to the ground. Since he'd been missing Aggieland, I thought I'd attempt to bring a piece of it here to him for his birthday.

I made a ferris wheel cake for one guy who used to work for a carnival. The blue base is cake, the wheel is rice krispies. This was a fun one. :)
Close up of the ferris wheel buckets and the little sour patch kids riders. I liked how this one turned out. :)


My former co-worker, Sandi, is really involved in The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild and Ken and I have volunteered there for the past year and had tons of fun (and watched free shows). This is supposed to be a theater with the chairs (the little chocolate knobs are people's heads).

Jeff is an avid bike rider, thus, a bike.

My current supervisor, Laura, loves turtles. I really enjoyed making this one. :)

I just thought this shot was cute.

Tim was a topography major so what else should I make, but a MAP! That's a freehand frosting world map, by the way, so I'd like to toot my own horn.

This might be a little confusing at first, but Bob is a bodybuilder so I whipped up a muscly arm and a barbell.

I almost threw up a few times while making this one...just kidding. Mike was described as a staunch republican so I thought I'd give it a shot.

We had a group birthday so I decided on a pirate theme. The blue cupcakes are water with a foam shark fin coming out and the brown cupcakes are beach-goers lying on the sand.


Close up of the lounging tourist. :)

This is Merton. Ken knows I love penguins and I love antique stores so he stopped at one while we were dating and found this little guy. He stands watch on our dinner table. I like this picture of him (what kind of green glass penguin salutes?) and I just thought you'd all like to meet him. :)