Pulling a fast one on Hubby.

Ken's birthday was in July and I wasn't sure how to top his last few cakes. I've always wanted to pull an April Fool's cake off so I decided to try it here. So I orchestrated dinner at my parents' house. He was expecting something elaborate...he got chicken nuggets and a round cake...or did he? :)
Here's the beautiful "cake". hahahaha. It's 3 tiers of meat loaf "frosted" with mashed potatoes and decorated with french dressing (that's how we eat meat loaf in my family).
I insisted that Ken cut the cake first. He was a little confused, but he obliged. You can see in his fake smile that he's less than impressed. He confessed later that he was disappointed. I make all these crazy cakes for people and I had made him a simple round cake with crappy decorations. Hahahahahaha.
Mmmm...meatloaf. :)
mmmmm..."chicken nuggets". These are really shaped pieces of pound cake, glazed and rolled in crushed peanuts. The "honey mustard" is butterscotch pudding. Delicious!

Despite his initial disappointment, he was really happy with his dinner. I fooled him completely! (and I fooled dad too.)