Just for Fun...

I've gotten back in the swing of cake decorating this spring. Here are a few I've made recently. :)

Our little kittybear was very very sick in March. After getting her declawed, she didn't really recover well and ended up with kidney failure! There were a few days we really thought we were going to lose her. We were a little surprised at how much the thought of that impacted us. She was, already, after a few short months, such a huge part of our family. We were heartbroken. Our coworkers in each of our workplaces were extremely supportive, asking for updates, sending us well wishes, and giving us time to go visit her over lunch breaks. Surprisingly, she bounced back! She made a full recovery and is back to our wonderful little pumpkin now. As a thank you to our friends and coworkers, Ken and I made these little Roxie cupcakes. Rox liked them too. :)

Our neighbor, David, had a recent birthday. Since he loves Mario, I made him this Mario inspired cake. "1UP" get it? :)

One of the guys at the InnTowne works at Taco Bell so I made him this taco cake for his birthday. :)

It was my turn to make food for the staff meeting so I teamed up with my Executive Director and we decided to do a picnic theme. I'd make pasta salad and cupcakes, she'd handle the hot dogs and soda. So I spent all Monday night making these freaking awesome (if I don't say so myself) corn on the cob cupcakes and I was pumped for the next day's meeting. I slogged them through the rain on Tuesday only to find out that the staff meeting is next week. Oops. So the Eau Claire staff got to enjoy some sweet cupcakes a week early. :)

Another InnTowne resident had a birthday. He's a semi driver so I got to attempt my second vehicle. I thought this was super cute. :)


Stephanie said...

I just finished reading your blog posts and they're great! :-) This is such a clever idea and you're a fantastic cake decorator!

American Badger said...

Thanks Steph! We've enjoyed experimenting!

The Racki Family said...

You are incredible...i can't believe it. I'm signing you up to make all of Baby Rackis b-day cakes! Be prepared for the call next June sometime!